Android development/ アンドロイド開発


Position title: Android development/ アンドロイド開発Company Description:We develop communication robots to make you smile, help you relax, and make your life more fulfilling.Our robots are always by your side.Our robot is a robotic AI companion. She helps you stay in contact withfriends and relatives, helps you organize your schedule, informs you aboutnews and weather, and provides you with hands-free access to your media and IoT devices. The robot is your assistant and your friend.About our group:We are a small and young start-up yet extremely diverse corporation as members are from Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong, England, France, Canada, India, Bangladesh and the Philippines who like craftsmanship, are state-of-art technology oriented, who like to think about new ideas, who can enjoy doing things he/she has not done before and who want to exchange opinions regardless of nationality under global environments.Requirements: - Develop Native Android application (Java) for the robot - Working with designers on Android front- end - Back-end development - API interface - IoT integration - Issue tracking. Version control. Testing - Ability to work as part of a team - An appreciation of working collaboratively is strongly required. - Able to communicate effectively in English, able to read and write English. - Knowledge of Android DevelopmentSalary: 3.6million to 6 million