Automobile Manufacturing Machine Operator (Entry level) | 機械オペレーター(未経験歓迎) 42447


Nagaha, a middle-sized dispatch company in Mie prefecture is hiring immediately for automobile manufacturing machine operator with excellent benefits like staff housing, moving cost allowance, extensive commuter allowance, advanced payment of salary and so on.We have roots in Mie prefecture having operated here for around 20 years with an excellent relationship with local and stable manufacturing companies as our dispatch-destination clients. We can continuously provide you with nice opportunities to work at these companies. Actually over 500 employees have been working for these clients for many years.¥312,200-basic work time 168 hours¥1,400-overtime 35 hours¥1,750-late night overtime 45 hours¥3507am-4pm or 4pm-1am-Saturday, Sundays-Summer and winter vacations, and Golden Week holidays-Workplace is a manufacturing factory for automobile parts-Operate machines for manufacturing gasoline tanks. Simply load materials into the machines, and push start. It's really easy.-No experience is needed. You can learn the role from your friendly co-workers.-Social Insurance (National pension, Health, Industrial injury and Unemployment Insurances)-Individual staff housing with fine furniture prepared (rental costs is from ¥35,000 to ¥55,000)-Extensive transportation support: commuter pass, employee shuttle, and paid 50cc motorbike certification support-Applications from out of Mie pref. are highly welcome. We can help financially for your moving and traveling costs-Advanced payment on salary is even available-You can apply and work with your friends or partner三重県特化の人材派遣会社より、自動車部品工場にて機械オペレーターの募集。未経験歓迎です。地元企業との地域に根ざした関係性により、信頼できる派遣先のお仕事の供給ができます。実際に500名以上のスタッフが安定的にお仕事に就いています。県外在住者、歓迎です。家具付き寮をご用意しており、引越し費用・旅費を支給します。その他、魅力的な待遇をご用意。例:家具付き寮完備(家賃3.5~5.5万円)、県外からの引越し費用(旅費、入居費)負担、通勤支援(交通費支給、送迎、乗物貸出、原付免許取得支援)、社保完備など。【月収例】312,200円 -所定168h1,400円-残業35h1,750円-深夜残業60h350円【勤務時間】7am-4pmまたは4pm-1am【休日】土日、大型連休(夏季冬季GW)【業務内容】・自動車部品工場でのお仕事。・ガソリンタンクを作る機械オペレータ業務。材料を機械にセットし、ボタンを押すだけです。・未経験でも簡単に覚えられるお仕事です。丁寧にお教えします。【福利厚生】・社保完備・家具付き寮完備(家賃3.5〜5.5万円)・通勤支援(交通費支給、送迎、原付免許取得支援)・県外からの転居支援(旅費支給、引越し初期費用支給)・給与前払い可・友人、カップル応募可