iOS application engineer Visa support TOKYO SHIBUYA


Application RequirementsWe have established as a leading company in the O2O domain and have been promoting visits to many shops so far."If you combine mobile services with shopping experiences in real stores, shopping will be more enjoyable"Thinking that we do not only promote visits but also make use of smartphone terminals visited by users as a medium of "1to1" optimized for each individual, so that we can make shopping experiences inside the store which we have never had before I want to create it.Let's create services that innovate people's lifestyles together.By the end of 2015, the number of application DLs exceeded 1 million, the number of affiliated stores exceeded 3,000, and the business expansion phase of 2016 is full-fledged.【Job Description】 We will develop our own smartphone application for iOS version operated by our company.There is a possibility that you can be involved not only in applications that have already become prominent, but also as an application as a new business.Development of a common visiting point service application (group brand of major EC group) based on original patented technologyiOS Smartphone App Developer / EngineerSkills / qualifications【Essential Skill】 IOS native application development experience (over 3 years)【Welcome Skill】 Development experience of location information interlocking application Application development experience for BtoCCompany descriptionIt is a corporate culture that values diversity in a global workplace environment. Flex time is available.As a group of listed companies, it is a company that combines the merit of being able to do business using various assets and the goodness of both venture culture.【仕事内容】 弊社が運営するiOS版自社スマートフォンアプリの開発を行って頂きます。 既に著名になっているアプリだけでなく、新規事業としてのアプリにも携われる可能性もございます。 独自の特許技術に立脚した共通来店ポイントサービスアプリ(大手EC系のグループブランド)の開発 iOS Smartphone App Developer/Engineerスキル・資格【必須条件】 ・iOSネイティブアプリの開発実務経験(3年以上) 【歓迎条件】 ・位置情報連動アプリの開発経験 ・BtoC向けのアプリ開発経験 会社説明グローバルな職場環境で、多様性を大切にする社風です。 上場企業のグループとして、さまざまな資産を活用してビジネスをできる面白さと、ベンチャーカルチャーの両方の良さを兼ね備える会社です。