Administration Assistant


Job DescriptionTitle: Administration AssistantJOB overview: As an Administration Assistant at PAL K.K., you are mainly required to support the back office function widely. Proactive supportive attitude/mind and team work spirit are expected for this position. Your mission is to make office/team operation run smoothly. Main/Core role of responsibilities:General Affairs related workSupporting HR and Finance related paper work, Finance related data management (keeping record), managing president's schedule (sometimes) Your direct report line will be your manager Your job description might vary depending on your performance, but those are the core of your daily role that PAL requests you to focus on. PAL has a very open and laid back work environment. We believe our employees are the key to drive our business and they are all very friendly and supportive. we are still a small organisation just over 40ppl, but 30 out of it are from outside Japan. we believe that you will feel very dynamic and international atmosphere. since we are a small entity, you will be able to experience wide range of jobs if you wish. we look forward to having your applications.