English Teachers from APRIL 2019


We are now taking applications from teachers seeking FULL, SEMI-FULL or PART Time employment from APRIL 2019 to teach ENGLISH Language (Regular & Advanced ESL) programs at the Elementary/Junior or Senior high School level (K1 ~ 12).Teachers will be teaching with, or without Japanese English teacher support. ◎When would you like to START ? :Please state in your cover letter your preferred start date. ◎When should I SEND my Application? :We recommend that you show your interest now by making an applicationIMMEDIATELY. ◎Teaching Schedules :① Full Time 5 days. Monday through Friday.Fixed daily work time 08:10 ~ 16:50.②Full Time 5 days. Any 4 weekdays and Saturday. Fixed daily work time 08:10 ~ 16:50.③Semi Full Time 3 or 4 days between Monday and Friday. Fixed daily work time 08:10 ~ 16:50.④For PART Time employment seekers: Please state how many days a week you are hoping forand what those available days and times are.◎What is your preferred work schedule ? :When making an application please state clearly which of the schedules ① to ④ you are able to accept, should it be offered. ◎How many schools will you teach at ? :Teachers are usually assigned a 1 school placement. Fixed schedules to teach at 2 or 3 schools per week are also possible. ◎Contract Period :Full time teachers will have a minimum employment term of 1 year. The employment term can be extended. ◎Teaching LOCATIONS : Tokyo and suburbs.We are supporting schools in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba and Saitama and a few rural locations. ◎Using A FIXED CURRICULUM with integrated testing to teach4 skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing, with or without a support package developed by the publishing arm of Sagan Speak. ◎Competitive Monthly Salary For Full Time : Offered in the range of 250,000 to 340,000 yen per month.An entry level salary is based on the level of experience and qualifications of the teacher, responsibility in the work place, the number of work days, daily work time and the number of regular teaching hours per week.◎Visa Sponsorship :Is available. ◎Teacher Training Programs :Have been developed to aid all levels of teaching experience.◎MINIMUM TEACHER REQUIREMENTS:●Native level of English. ●Bachelor degree. ●6 months of teaching experience in Japan. ◎HIGHLY EXPERIENCED Teachers with a teaching credentialand a proven track record will be challenged by the vast array of courses being taught and the daily duties and responsibilities of the school placements. ◎When should I SEND my APPLICATION ? :We recommend that you make your application IMMEDIATELY. ◎Will I Receive a REPLY ?Only successful applicants from the initial screening will receive a reply. ◎ To Make an APPLICATION:Apply with:① Cover letter.Address your application for the attention of the‘Language Education Support Manager’.② Resume in English and (Japanese if available).③ Head and shoulders colour photograph (mobile phone quality is fine) – wearing business attire with an ingratiating smile. Ideally on a white background. ◎ In your Cover LETTER:① Briefly introduce your Education and Teaching Experiences.② Please state clearly when you are Hoping to START WORK.③ Please state clearly your Nearest TRAIN station.④ If you are able to RELOCATE then please state this.⑤ Please state clearly which of the Teaching Schedules ① to ④ you are able to accept, should it be offered. ◎ Teacher Selection Process :After the initial resume screening process we will invite selectedcandidates for an interview in Tokyo. If you pass the interview process youwill be offered a teaching position.**Teachers will be selected quickly so send your application soon. Thank you for reading this advertisement and I look forwardto receiving your application.