Native English Teacher/Trainer


● First and foremost, FEN is a place for those interested in expanding their career in education by taking on class and curriculum development programs, media design, and accepting challenges in new areas in order to help maximize their full potential. ● This position includes the following duties: - dispatch training leader - incoming teacher recruiting and training - cover teacher for current teaching staff - some regular class teaching hours (limited duties)● The teacher should have sufficient knowledge of the JHS and SHS dispatch system in Japan● Applicant must be able to interview in Japan, at our main school in Saitama● A 10-day paid training period to start ASAP, with the full-time contract starting thereafter. ● Full-time position, 40 hours per week, 8 hours maximum per day● The base schedule is 2 pm to 10 pm, although may be flexible depending on the day● One-year, renewable contract● Maximum 24 teaching hours per week● Average of 120 days off, with 8 days paid vacation per year, on a fixed monthly salary (salary not affected by holidays)● Main school is located approximately 1 minute from Asakadai Station (朝霞台), on the Tobu Tojo Line (東武東上), about 20 minutes to Ikebukuro● All transportation costs are reimbursed, based on routes decided by the school● Employee's Health Insurance System and Japan Pension Service programs included in employment and membership is required by all employees● Some housing assistance available, in the Asaka/Niiza area● It is highly preferable that applicants be comfortable teaching English conversation classes (maximum of 8 students) to preschool school-aged children, elementary-aged children, junior and senior high school students.● FEN teachers must work well independently as well as in groups, with both Japanese and non-Japanese staff members● Successful applicant must be: ⇒ Punctual, and at all times professional in both appearance and attitude ⇒ Friendly and outgoing with students in and out of class, students’ parents, and fellow staff members at FEN & at outside schools ⇒ Be able to develop projects and take responsibility on their own ⇒ Be willing to take on new assignments in order to continuing improving skills and abilities ⇒ Most importantly, flexible● Phone calls for the position are not accepted. We ask that candidates apply by sending their resumes through this website.● The above information is a public job ad; this job ad is neither an offer nor a contract for a position with FEN Foreign Academy