Senior Quality Assurance (QA) Tester - Manual/Exploratory at Binance - The no.1 Cryptocurrency Exchange (Tokyo, Japan)


Please note: we are not looking for automation developers or specialists in automation.

The position is primarily responsible for identifying, understanding and reproducing software issues with the objective of preparing well defined test scenarios to be implemented by automation and script engineers.


      • Hands-on manual investigation and reproduction of functional backend software issues

      • Root cause analysis of existing test script failures

      • Identification of current test script deficiencies and candidates for additional scripted coverage

      • Investigatory testing of unreleased features including defining requirements, behavior and impact

      • Documentation and design of candidate test scenarios for the above


The following list is preferred experience. If you lack in some areas, please still apply!

      • Experience with distributed AWS cloud based applications

      • Strong unix command line skills including grep, awk, sed and bash scripting 

      • Solid experience in the following:

      • Restful API functionality

      • HTTP protocols

      •   mySQL databases

      •   AWS

      • Scripting experience in Python 3.5 or later

      • Experience with GIT source control

      • History using Redmine or similar issue tracking software

      • Background in Unix terminal based environments

      • Ability to analyse distributed application log files

      • Working familiarity of configuration files

      • Ability to configure and maintain RedHat based environments (Fedora, CentOS, RHEL, Amazon Linux, etc.)

      • Working experience with VIM or similar text editors

      • Ability to work in a hands-on environment with minimal oversight

      • Highly logical and analytical thinker

      • Ability to communicate ideas clearly both verbally and written in English

      • Previous history in designing test scenarios as inputs to script developers

      • Ability to work with minimal formal or documented business requirements 

      • Minimum of 5 years working experience in the above