<div>Data Engineer, DB Design & Management at SmartNews (Shibuya-ku, Japan)</div>


Job Description/ General Message

  • The data engineering in SmartNews plays a key role in accelerating the service/business developments. Great efforts are paid to building a highly efficient and highly flexible data service for analytical and operational purposes.

  • To serve the internal users from analytics and product dev teams, the data engineers provide high-level user-interface for simplifying the accessing, integration and consolidation of various data sets, and also build the platforms for executing tasks processing massive data in terms of TB per day.

  • In order to achieve the best cost-performance we are always looking for optimal solutions to fulfill the requirements of SLA/SLO better, and eagerly adopting advanced technologies in the software engineering, database and especially, the big data open-source community.

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  • Engineer, build and implement data models, processing pipelines for data processing or management, and investigate new algorithms to increase efficiency for data ingestion or integration.

  • Work closely with multiple analytics, product-dev, and business-ops teams to understand ways to improve the data model designs, and optimize the query-models in algorithmic/logical level.

  • Own and maintain the key data management portfolios such as data schemas, metadata, semantic and relationship between data sets.

  • Define, develop and manage the data lineage or provenance systems and underlying hardware and software architectures, to build durable and scalable data integration services.

  • Diagnose and resolve internal customers' complex technical challenges for data usage and modeling. Help other teams tuning the performance and improving stability using elegant and systematic methods.

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  • BS/MS degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering or equivalent practical experience

  • Strong DB designing and programming skills with a deep understanding of query algebras, data models, structures and algorithms are required for building consolidated and flexible solutions

  • Familiar with relational and multidimensional data models, be professional on writing and tuning SQL or other query languages

  • Rich experience with one or more programming languages such as Java, Scala, C++ or python; familiar with agile development and manage testing skills

  • Understand the basic concepts and have good experience of parallel/distributed query engines such as Hive, Pig, and Presto

  • Need certain knowledge on the management of database models and dependencies, relationships, especially DBA-like experience

  • Deep understanding of modern DBMS technologies and ecosystems

  • Good understanding and experience with analytical DBMS (OLAP DBMS and Data Cube), be able to develop data processing programs with them in batch or a streaming manner

  • Familiar with modern data stores either RDBMS or NoSQL stores (such as HBase, DynamoDB/Cassandra or Druid, etc); have experience in developing application or function-extensions of such data stores

  • Be able to implement and tune complicated heavy-lifting data flows (ETLs or pipelines), familiar with certain toolings

  • A capability of system design with good modularity and extensibility

  • Rich experience and knowledge on database logical design methods and toolings such as ER or MD

  • Be able to draft the user-understandable blueprints and precise, detailed designs in both intuitive and formal ways

  • BSMS

  • SQL

  • JavaScalaC++Python1

  • HivePigPresto

  • DBA

  • DBMS

  • DBMSOLAP dbmsData Cube

  • RDBMSNoSQLHbaseDynamoDB/CassandraDruid

  • ETL

  • ERMD

Preferred Qualifications

  • Have experience on design and development of large-scale data processing systems, especially massive logs processing.

  • Good knowledge of data integration and data warehouse design and development, such as integration patterns and high-level design or detailed logical/physical designs.

  • Good knowledge and experiences on DBMS and query optimization techniques, understand the indexing, query-rewriting, paralleling executing or storage engines

  • Have experiences working with data scientists/analysts and understanding the pain point of data analysis such data integrity, consistency, quality, cleansing, etc.

  • Have contributions on open source community especially large user-group projects.

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  • DBMS

Benefits and Perks

  • Voluntary Trip - Working remotely twice a year

  • SmartKitchen - Healthy lunch on a daily basis for free

  • ChikyuCoffee - Delicious coffee provided by our Barista every day

  • Event space - Free use for any kind of meet up

  • Foreign language development support

  • Various social insurance benefits included

  • Transportation coverage (Maximum 50,000 yen)

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  • SmartKitchen -

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