Flexible, Fun, International Pre-School Teachers


Full-time International Preschool Teacher Needed: Zoophonics Academy in Mie Prefecture needs a native English speaking preschool teacher for its Ise branch.Ise City, rich in Japanese history, houses the famous Ise Grand Shrines. We have brunch also in Tsu-city. Ise and Tsu, both have a quiet, homey feel yet is fairly close to big cities like Nagoya, Osaka, Kyoto, and Nara.While enjoying the relaxed setting of Ise and what it has to offer during the week, one could hop on a train to experience places with surfing, snowboarding/skiing, golfing, and more. The job itself doesn’t require much, if any, over time, so opportunities to explore are abundant. The school curriculum is set; little preparation needed before each school day. Faculty from all parts of the world work at both Mie branches—England, the United States, and the Philippines to say a few. Let’s work together at Zoo Phonics Academy, Ise to better its students in speaking English.Start date and weekly working period are as follows. * Working Location: Ise City * Start Date: March or April * Weekly Schedule: 40 hours/week * Basic Working Hour: 9:00-18:00Teachers should also be able to plan engaging lessons for children that incorporate art, crafts, music, sports, sciences, mathematics, etc.Teachers will be required to participate in all school events.Teachers willing to sign a 2-year contract are preferred.This contract comes with a fully-furnished apartment with rent from 40,000-50,000 Yen.Teachers with a good sense of humor, focus, and drive will be appreciated.Thank you, and we are looking forward to receiving your resume with a cover letter soon!NOTE: Please attach your picture when you apply.NOTE: GaijinPot is a great service, but if you can, try to make your resume stand out in some way as many resumes are submitted daily.