Asteria Corporation - Global Chief Financial Officer ★Visa support available!★


Global Financial Control and Management

● Facilitate the strategic financial direction of the group with the subsidiaries and accomplish the required targets and objectives.

● Co-ordinate internal audit efforts by reviewing the group audit plan, perform strategic analysis on audit findings and implement corrective/preventive measures as required.

● Undertake/implement testing on controls at a macro level where necessary

● Ensure that appropriate financial governance principles are adopted.

● Ensure compliance with the governmental and company rules and regulations.

● Work with the company auditor to ensure the correct financial disclosure, both financial and written.

● Lead and coordinate the preparation of group accounting rules, financial statements, financial reports, special analysis and information reports.

● Perform continuous monitoring & improvement of accounting systems, internal controls & finance policies to ensure compliance with IFRS and accounting standards (also within each country).

● Evaluate and oversee budget variance and examine financial reports for any unusual or out of sync matters.

● Identify cost optimization opportunities with ...