English Standardized Test Grader/Checker


【Overview】A top publishing company in Japan is looking for someone to be responsible with the quality control (grading/checking) of their standardized English test. The ideal candidate will be responsible for ensuring the quality of test grading in all categories such as writing and speaking, and be able to offer feedback or provide support for development if need be. The client is looking for someone with an acute sense for the English language and its subtle nuances as a native-English speaker. In addition, a keen eye for detail as well as an in-depth knowledge on typical language mistakes made by Japanese students is required. You will have a good grasp and understanding on how questions in English standardized tests are written as well as understanding how they are graded. The candidate must also be able to communicate effectively internally both in Japanese and English.【Must】・Native-English speaker (education at an English-speaking institution)・Business-level Japanese (JLPT N2 or higher)・Teaching experience primarily with junior high and high school students・In depth knowledge (i.e. format, grading standards) regarding English standardized tests【Welcome】・curriculum development, grading, and proofreading【Working Hours/Work Place】*Mon - Fri, 9:30 ~ 17:30*Tokyo【Employment Terms/Benefits】■ Contract Employee (Permanent employment system available - 正社員)■ Transportation Reimbursement, Overtime pay, ■ Unemployment insurance, health insurance, pension, worker's accident insurance【Interview Flow】■ Resume Check ⇒ 1st Interview (written test + face-to-face) ⇒ Final Interview ⇒ Offer