Long-term full time teaching position with visa sponsorship


Who we are and what we offer you:We are a small, privately run but very successful language school located in Konan city.The school building has been newly built and you will have the opportunity to teach in a clean, quiet and modern environment with motivated students and friendly co-workers. The school is easily and quickly accessible from the station on foot. (Approx. 3 mins)We are very different from the big chain schools. There is no overtime work, no need to write reports after classes and no need to clean classrooms (wiping blackboards or tables ifnecessary required). Also there is no need to sing or dance when teaching and you do not need to wear a suit or necktie. No parties or events during holidays.You will work 6 hrs per day and you will get 5 weeks of paid holiday per year when our school is closed for holidays. Golden Week in May 1 week, Summer vacation 2 weeks, Winter vacation 2 weeks. Furthermore you will be given additional paid days off which you can take flexibly.The school is closed on Sundays and Mondays allowing you for two consecutive days off each week. In February and March we will ask you to come in additionally on a Sunday to give trial lessons (2 times in February and 2 times in March)You will get your own desk to prepare for lessons, and take a break between classes. We also offer you free beverages such as tea. You will get a manual and a schedule to follow as a basic outline of the lessons, but you will also have the chance to bring in own ideas. Our team is small but very friendly and we have lots of students that are highly motivated and focused as our school is a mixture of juku style and eikaiwa.We teach children as well as adults in classes of max. 8 students. Our students are highly committed to English studies and passing Eiken tests and therefore are very diligent. The atmosphere in regular classes is usually quiet and focused but we also offer additional lessons where mainly English games are played. The youngest are 5 years of age but entered our school through a screening test, so they are able to study together with older children. Our classes are separated by skill level, not age. Each class has regular tests that need to be passed in order to proceed to the next level the following school year.This job offers you a chance to work long term in a friendly team. We can offer visa sponsorship.It is also ok with us if you have a another part time job apart from this full time position, as long as it does not interfere with our schedule, customers and your work time at our school.If you need assistance with opening bank accounts or moving, we are always happy to assist you as best we can.We offer a 2 yrs contract that will be renewed if both sides agree.Work hours:Tues. - Fri. 15:30 to 21:30Sat. 14:30 to 20:30What you should offer us:- Language teaching experience such as teaching phonics and grammar is a big plus.- Japanese skills equivalent to JLPT N3 or preferably higher are required.- Applicants holding a CELTA certificate are preferred.All certificates you have relating to this position will have a positive effect on the salary we can offer you, so make sure to include copies in your application if you have any.You must be reliable, professional, motivated and enjoy talking to adults and children. Talking to all students, creating a nice environment to study in, taking care of each students well-being, giving advice when needed, guiding them in their studies and treating each student equally well is something that every teacher at g.o English & German must commit to. You should be willing to commit long term and follow our schools teaching outline.This head teacher position that requires the following:- you must be confident in communicating well with people of all ages (very young children up to elderly people)- you need to feel confident around people of all ages, have a lot of topics to talk about and enjoy talking to everyone no matter what age or background!- you must have a friendly professional appearance and attitude- you must be reliable, willing to self-assess and improve or adjust own lessons- be able to create own lessons that are fun and informative at the same time but also follow a certain schedule or lesson plan