Secondary School English Literature


Full-Time Annual Contract (renewable)August, 2019June 1, 2019Send full resume, copies of valid teaching license (TEFL/TESOL is not regarded as a teaching license), university diploma, university transcript, and minimum of 4 contact e-mail addresses of referees.
Gunma Kokusai Academy Secondary School8:15am (must be at the morning briefing at 8:15am) until 5:00pm*note: overtime payment is included in the salary. There may be times teachers have to teach or coach students after school.Working days are generally in accordance with the school calendar. The successful person will teach English in the junior high and the senior high. We are currently an IB MYP candidate school for Grade 7 through 9 and the teacher is likely to also teach IBDP English B in Grade 11 and 12.The successful person will also become a homeroom teacher. The work includes but it is not limited to teaching the subject, take charge of homeroom activities, support students after school, conduct student guidance, coach club activities, chaperone the trips, and whatever is needed to support the school. We need a person who is flexible enough to teach within a Japanese English immersion curriculum.We prefer a discerning observer, a trustworthy communicator, a good listener, and a committed supporter of a complex and multi-cultural school community.