Daijob.com (Human Global Talent Co., Ltd.) - [Recruitment consultant] Proposal of recruitment plan and support work using the global job change site "Daijob.com" * Industry inexperienced welcome


★ Proposal-type sales of recruitment plans using job advertisements on the global job change site “Daijob.com” ★

For hiring needs of Japanese global companies and foreign-affiliated companies, we will provide hiring plans and support operations using Daijob.com.

■ Our goal is customer success!

Our business goal is not to sell job advertisements, but to solve the recruitment issues of client companies and contribute to the successful recruitment of global human resources. We will revise the recruiting manuscript, review the recruitment process, propose methods such as career fairs and recruitment agencies, and proceed with the business while running in parallel with the client.

■ About client companies

The focus is on overseas companies doing business in Japan and Japanese global companies doing overseas development.

■ Specific business flow

1. Contact new and existing clients via phone, email, Skype, etc.

2. Simple proposal creation

Create initial proposal materials based on telephone interviews (Simulations will be made based on the number of registered Daijob.com users and the number of applicants expected)

* There is a document format for crea ...