Daijob.com (Human Global Talent Co., Ltd.) - [Recruitment consultant] Hiring support for global companies using Daijob.com


★ Career changes from other industries are welcome!

★ Use your knowledge and experience in the IT / Web, intangible and tangible product industries to contribute to the personnel strategy of global companies!

“Daijob.com” operated by our company has received the No.1 rating in the following items!

・ Number of global positions

・ Number of bilingual personnel

・ Number of global IT personnel

(* ESP Research Institute survey as of June 8, 2017)

Our company, which has the best bilingual database in Japan, is focusing on acquiring job opportunities for global companies in order to propose the best positions for excellent registered bilingual midcareers.

Wouldn't it be a bridge between companies and human resources, utilizing the experience and knowledge cultivated in each industry?

■ Work flow

[Creating client company needs and job search needs]

Recruitment support proposals for companies that need global human resources

[Hearing of client company visits and recruitment issues]

We interview the current situation and issues in the company's human resource strategy and ask about the human resource requirements we seek.

[Career consultation / ...