YARUKI Switch Group/株式会社 やる気スイッチグループ - 【Native English Teacher】 Afterschool program ☆ KIDS DUO ☆ Play in English, Learn in English!


Do you enjoy working with children? Are you looking for a meaningful position where you could put your language skills to use and make a difference?

We are recruiting Native English teachers for our Kids Duo English Afterschool Program


Kids Duo has 3 Main Elements:

• Culture: Western and Japanese

• Environment: Creating a second home for students

• Development: Physical and Intellectual

We aim to provide a safe, secure and immersive afterschool environment in which children can acquire English skills through immersion and play.

Beyond building academic skills, students are exposed to different cultures and ways of thinking through fun and engaging activities.

☆ Our Brand Message ☆

“Play in English, Learn in English!”

[Teaching Method & Responsibilities]

• Lead and support hands-on, interactive English programs in a Pre-School / After-School Care environment.

Program Type include Arts & Craft, Music & Dance, Science, Social Studies, and Teachers Choice; all conducted in 100% English to encourage and facilitate a risk-free English immersion environment focused on usable conversation skills.

• Ages range primarily from 3-12, with var ...