Japan Science and Technology Agency/国立研究開発法人 科学技術振興機構 - 任期制職員(調査員/主任調査員) / 海外経験・留学経験のある方歓迎いたします!


[Job description]

(1) Business related to open recruitment and selection in a specific research field

(2) Business related to promotion of adopted projects, etc.

③ Holding and managing events such as symposiums in the relevant research field

④ Business related to business operations (including ex-post evaluation, intellectual property management, contracts), etc.

You will be actively involved in the entire process of international joint research, such as coordination work with principal investigators belonging to research institutes in Japan, coordination work with funding institutions of cooperating countries, and public relations work related to research results. is.



・PCスキルの基本操作(Windows, Microsoft Word/Excel/Power Point等)ができること

・ビジネスレベルの英語と日本語ができること(TOEIC スコア:750点以上)



・国際的なイベント ...