<div><Direct Hire> JHS English Teacher (Haijima/Hachioji Area) Apr 2021</div>


We are seeking an English teacher to work with long term at a Junior High School. They are in particular looking for a teacher who can teach the Cambridge English test, who is a team player, and who can raise the overall English ability of their students. This school is located in the Haijima/Hachioji area surrounded by nature. If you are interested in the following position, please email your cover letter and resume.Location: Haijima/Hachioji Area (Tokyo)Annual Salary : 3,600,000yen ~ 6,000,000yen (before tax) + travel expenses*Depending on experience and backgroundLessons: Up to 20 lessons/weekWorking days: 5 days a week (Holiday work is required when school events are scheduled)Working Hours: 8:00-17:00- Developing, preparing, and implementing English classes with a focus on English Communication.- Developing and implementing lessons with an awareness of the content of the Cambridge English examinations.- Teaching junior high English classes and the elementary school division.- Guiding and advising Japanese English teachers on classroom practice and teaching methods.- Making and grading exams- Homeroom and/or sub-homeroom duties.- Supervising students during school cleanup time.- Cooperating and participating in school PR activities and events.- Joint planning with other teachers for immersion and CLIL classes.- Attending school events- Administrative work.* Must have a bachelor's degree or higher.* At least 2 years of classroom teaching experience.* Must have ESL related teaching certificate(s) (TESOL, TEFL, TESL, etc).* Must have deep knowledge about Cambridge English examination.* Have passion and enthusiasm about education.* Conversational Japanese ability is strongly preferable.* Must currently reside in Japan and have a valid visa.