Eikaiwa ASTER Fulltime Kids English Teacher (Miyagi/Sendai)


≪School manager candidate≫Employment form: Full-time employeeWe take care of kids in an environment where they are surrounded by English.At [English conversational school+daycare+programming class ASTER] we have devoted various programs and put a lot of effort so that kids can learn while having fun!One of the characteristics of our school is that kids can interact with native speakers or bilingual Japanese staff. By communicating in English from a very early age, we will cultivate an international sense in our students and lay the foundation for global-minded individuals.One of our jobs is to manage our schools in a way that allows children to grow and develop freely.We look forward to creating better learning environments with your help, so that we can aim to develop world-class global human resources!【Characteristics of the workplace】We’re a fast growing company that is active in the English conversational school, after-school daycare and programming fields.Employees in the 20s to 40s age range are currently active in our company!Fundamentally, each classroom is operated by a system of 1 to 2 English instructors and 1 to 4 Japanese staff.・ Inexperienced applicants are welcome・ There is little overtime・ Complete with social insurance・ Female managersNew locations for our school are being opened one after another, so those who want to be involved in creating classrooms from scratch and those who want to make use of their own ideas can play an active role!【Job Description】As a classroom operator at ASTER, we will entrust you with the following tasks.≪School manager duties≫・ Lesson instructor・ New student procedures and paperwork・ Student control・ Lesson management of all sorts・ Instructor education・ Planning of sales promotion projects・ Implementation and carrying out projects, etc.・ Interview with parents・ Inquiry correspondence・ Childcare assistance for school children* Including secondary or incidental work related to the above* The probationary period will be during the training period.* We emphasize communication skills and the ability to make proposals for classroom management!【About the education system】For about one month, new hires will learn about company philosophies and services. We will also carry out role-playing of work duties in order to give new employees a realistic sense of the field.【OJT training in each classroom】Under the guidance of the education staff, we will have new hires gradually get used to their duties and the work environment. After that, follow-up training will be held once every few months, so that new employees can firmly acquire the required knowledge and skills.【Qualification requirements】・ 4-year university graduate or above* Has taken courses relating to English* Academic transcript from the University・ Those who can submit a graduation certificate・ Those who live in Japan* VISA sponsorship is possible・ JLPT Japanese test level N2 or above・ Ordinary driving license* Including those who plan to acquire an AT-limited license* Inexperienced applicants welcome≪Please apply if the following applies to you≫・ Those who are interested in creating services that can contribute to society・ Those who have a strong sense of responsibility・ Those who have good teamwork・ Those who like to communicate with people・ Those who like to try new things・ Those who like children・ Those who can be active and take the initiative in the work environment【Experience / abilities that are desirable and welcome】Those who have experience in "management work" are very welcome【Working hours / days of the week】Inside the timeframe of 9:00~21:00, a shift system with actual daily work of 8 hours【Work location / Transportation access】Wakabayashi Ward (Arai School) Sendai City Subway Tozai Line Rokuchonome 17 minutes walkIzumi Ward (Koyodai School) Miyagi Transportation "Higashikoyodai 2-chome" bus stop 3 minutes on footIzumi Ward (Ichinazaka School) Sendai City Subway Nanboku Line Izumichuo 12 minutes walkMiyagino Ward (Shinden School) Tohoku Main Line Higashi Sendai 5 minutes walkMiyagino Ward (Iwakiri School) JR Iwakiri Station 15 minutes walk* Depending on the shift, multiple work locations from the the above might be requested* Car commuting is possible【Salary】Monthly salary based on daily work of 232,000 yen to 329,000 yen or more (fixed overtime compensation/20 hours of overtime included)Employees abilities and experience will be taken into consideration.* During the trial period 232,000 yen (fixed overtime compensation/20 hours of overtime included)If the overtime hours have exceeded the presumed hours, they will be compensated for separately.Transportation allowance: (Upper limit of 10,000 yen/month and 700 yen/day)【Benefits】There is an assessment once a year, so you can advance your career quickly.Complete social insuranceQualifications allowanceExecutive allowanceCongratulatory and/or condolence allowance【Days off and vacations】≪113 days of annual days off≫≪Two days off per week≫(Sunday and one more day based on shift)Golden Week vacationSummer vacationNew Year holidayPaid holidaysCondolence vacationPrenatal and postnatal leaveChildcare leaveFlow until employment[STEP 1]・ Document screeningEmphasis is placed on application motives and past experience.* Please be specific so that you can convey your experiences so far.[STEP 2]・ Primary interviewAptitude test* We would like to hear about your experiences and episodes related to communication. Please show us yourself “as you are” without being nervous.[STEP 3]・ Unofficial decision* The interview date and hire date will be decided after consultation.