International SOS Japan LTD - 【TRICARE】Clinical Training Manager


【Overall Purpose Of The Job】

1. To ensure excellence in training & development efforts for the TRICARE Overseas program through directing effective training and education programs for TRICARE medical staff,

2. Responsible to the Regional Clinical Training Manager and the Head of Quality in ensuring up to date training material for their area of operations as defined and responsive scheduling for onboarding and ongoing training.

3. Drive high quality service from the Medical Team, through the design and delivery of Medical Training, and demonstration of best practice in operational delivery to the newly created near patient functional entity

4. Be the primary training resource to the MT within TRICARE Overseas Programme

5. Responds to and redesigns training to support all initiatives in the TOP contract determined both internally and externally and as agreed with the Regional Clinical Training Manager.

6. Supports the clinical Governance function within the TOP MT.

【Key Responsibilities】

• Define the Training Needs

o Ensure successful delivery of location specific training, that is informed by the principles of the new near patient service delivery model and ...