IBDP Mathematics teacher


*OverviewWe are seeking an excellent candidate for the role of junior high/ high school mathematics teacher serving girls and boys in grades 7-12. Candidates should be compelling educational practitioners who are confident in their capacity to create and deliver a dynamic, engaging and challenging curriculum to junior high and high school students. In addition to their teaching assignments, all teaching faculty are expected to contribute to the life of the school community in general. Additionally, as an IB candidate school, each faculty member will be trained in the curriculum and delivery of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP). The successful candidate will be responsible for teaching within the IBDP mathematics courses (according to background and experience).Furthermore, in pursuit of IB authorization, the successful candidate will be responsible for preparing for the IB verification visit. The successful candidate will also be responsible for some English conversation and immersion classes until the IBDP starts in April of 2022.*ResponsibilitiesThe candidate will be responsible for assessing students’ performance with the aim of helping students develop the mathematics knowledge to function effectively in an international environment. Teachers will collaborate with the IB Diploma Programme Coordinator (DPC) and other teachers to implement and continually improve the curriculum, teaching, learning and assessment strategies. Candidates will be required to also assist students in areas of personal and individual development.As applicable, the candidate must be able to teach and instruct in alignment with the IBDP curriculum framework, under the direction of the DPC, individualize and adapt educational processes and procedures to enhance pupil educational opportunities, coordinate lesson plans with other teachers to maximize possibilities for teaching similar topics in the same general time frame, thus reinforcing student knowledge on an interdisciplinary basis, pursue a variety of approaches, including thematic learning, cooperative learning, differentiated, and multiple intelligence centered lessons in teaching and instructing pupils, use interventions and strategies in teaching/instruction to close the academic achievement gap for students performing below grade level, utilize instructional program guidelines, and other materials in planning and developing lesson plans and teaching outlines, review, analyze and evaluate pupil academic, social, and emotional growth, communicate effectively to parents, both orally and in writing, activities in the classroom, and prepare, administer, score, record, and report the results of criterion referenced tests, and administer, scores, records and report the results of group standardized tests in evaluating pupil growth and progress. Native-level fluency in English is essential. Applicants should have strong interpersonal and communication skills and a proven capacity to work collaboratively with colleagues. In addition, applicants should have a genuine interest in children and should be patient and flexible. Previous experience working within the IB curriculum or knowledge of the IB programs is preferred.Furthermore, the candidate will be responsible for supporting project based learning classes for integrated studies, attend professional development opportunities, curriculum design, attending staff meetings, supporting entrance examination preparation, supporting IB authorization work, supporting ICT work (such as ManageBac), and supporting general roles issued by the principal.This list of duties in this job posting is not intended to be exhaustive.*LocationMoriguchi City, Osaka-fu, Japan*Projected start dateApril 2021*Employment statusFull-time (contract)*QualificationsTo be considered, candidates should submit a resume and cover letter displaying their qualifications in the following areas:Requires an undergraduate degree in the mathematics field of study. (master's degree strongly preferred)Prefer 2-3 years of relevant classroom teaching experience in the subject matter with prior IB teaching experience is strongly preferred.Ability to collaborate with other teachers in class.Excellent communication skills.Ability to develop, curate and deliver courses in the school’s curriculum, including coursework related to the IBDP.History of collegiality with other teachers and administrators.Ability to differentiate instruction to meet the needs of students with diverse learning profiles.Innovative, creative, and flexible teaching style.Understanding the developmental needs of students and how they learn best.Requires demonstrated and direct experience using a wide range of instructional technology tools including iPads, laptops, and Google Apps.Must be detail-oriented, organized and willing to take initiative.Must have excellent teamwork skills and the ability to work well with students and adults.Must be a role model and maintain a high level of professionalism.Must manage the learning of the students, maintaining records, and promoting staff development in a pro-active manner.Must manage all facilities and activities related to achieve student learning.Must develop and maintain teaching materials and assist with program quality assurance processes.Must have native or native level skills in English. (English native speaker or possess CEFR C1 English ability)Must have IT skills.Must reside in Japan and have eligibility for an appropriate visa (if necessary).*Working conditionsEmployment PeriodReiwa 3 (2021) April, 1st to Reiwa 4 (2022) March, 31st However, depending on the student recruitment situation, the situation of the educational institution, considering ability and work performance, the employment period limit may be updated.Work Hours8:25 to 17:25 (Monday to Friday) 60 minute break time/ 8 hour workday8:25 to 13:25 (Saturdays) no break time/ 5 hour workday※However, in accordance with the annual variable working hour system, the average number of hours per day is 8 hours or less per year and not more than 40 hours per week.*Compensation① Salary, etc.Over 4,000,000 a year (determined according to experience and skill)Family Allowance: If you have dependents, it will be paid separately according to regulationsCommuting Allowance: The equivalent of a six-month commuting pass will be paid. (in April and October)Holidays2nd Saturday of every month, Sundays, National holidays, Summer vacation, Winter (New Year holidays) vacation※subject to change②Social Insurance, etc.Promotion and Mutual Aid Cooperation for Private Schools of Japan (Health insurance/Pension)Employment Insurance, Accident Insurance*Application PeriodJanuary 2021 to February 5th, 2021*Please submit the following documents:1. Curriculum vitae (including cover letter)2. Copies of degrees and/or qualifications3. Copies of visa (if available/necessary)*Stages of the selection process1. Document review (Curriculum vitae)2. Interview and mock lessonOnly applicants who pass the document review phase will be notified.Documents will not be returned.