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As Amazon Web Services (AWS) continues to build upon the world’s biggest Cloud Computing Infrastructure, we are looking for Network Technicians to support the scaling and growth of our network infrastructure.

About The Role

Infrastructure Delivery (ID) Network Technicians are part of the Infrastructure Operations Team, the backbone of AWS that supports our customers and their rapidly growing businesses by operating world-class data centers. Network Technicians lead projects to deploy, maintain, and expand the physical network infrastructure at AWS data centers. At Amazon, we always aim to exceed the expectations of our customers, and we continuously raise the standards for operational performance in safety, security, availability, productivity, capacity, efficiency, and cost.

Each day presents unique challenges, which include:

· Deploying network hardware and cabling

· Managing multiple projects simultaneously

· Working closely with Network Engineering, Technical Program Managers, and other stakeholders to deliver projects

· Designing the physical network interconnections to Amazon standards

· Working with vendors on large-scale cabling deployments