ALT Teacher


Recruitment of High school ALT Teacher*Must be a Native English speaker.*When does the job start? October 1st*Employment conditions:: (1) Regular employment*five days a week./Paid holidays(2) Complete with social Insurance*Half of the social insurance premiums is paid by an employer.(3) Transportation expenses are fully paid by an employer+Working hours8:30am~17:30pm(1 hour break)from Monday through Fridaybut must work on weekends several days a year* Gross income per month is about 300,000yen DISPOSABLE INCOME per month after tax deduction and social insurance About 250,000yen*Work locationsPrivate women's high school located in Kamakura, Kanagawa-pref.*Job descriptionALTteacher (English)*Application conditions (1) Working Visa:Holder:Should have working visa Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Services Holder of Instructor visa prioritized(2) Degree: holder Should have Bachelor's degree or higher(3) English teaching experience desired.*Commutable areas:within one hour commutethe company seeking the employee有限会社エムエムオフィスRecruiter:MM Office, Inc. holder of dispatching license