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Job description:

Developed a new library with the research theme of distributed computing and serverless

[Specific work content]

We will develop a new server library for online game development.

Requirement definition

System architect

Function implementation

Various tests

Document creation

Examination of inventions and acquisition of rights (implemented with an advisory patent attorney)


Various high-load network services such as online games, VR / AR, and virtual space services

The design is based on the SOLID principle and data-driven architecture, and is an asynchronous system development. In addition, since the target OS and hardware are diverse, knowledge of computer architecture is also required.


・ Those who have development experience in Java or C ++

・ University graduate or above (Faculty of Science)

・ Being able to read technical documents in English

* Industry does not matter

= The following people are welcome! = =

・ Experience in middleware development

・ Experienced server development

・ Experienced in network system development

・ Ability to understand and design generic programming

・ Those who li ...
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