Daijob.com (Human Global Talent Co., Ltd.) - [Career Advisor] Supporting global talents to find future career (overtime average 10 hours)


For global human resources, it will be related to career, life and the future of the recruiting company. In addition, this position may be involved in recruitment agency (RPO), so you can work with the client and engage in the future of people and corporate organizations.

■ Business description:

・ As a career advisor, conduct interviews with job seekers and introduce job opportunities, and lead as many candidates as possible to the optimal position.

* Candidates for interview: 50% Japanese nationality, 50% foreign nationality

* Client companies: 60% Japanese-affiliated companies, 40% foreign-affiliated companies

* Our job offers are 100% multilingual (mainly English, Chinese).

■ Work flow:

1) Understanding job opportunities

Share matters with corporate sales representatives and check details of job offers (company information, business details, conditions, etc.)

2) Grasping candidate's career (from resume / job history / questionnaire)

The job seeker will try to attract customers (such as scouts / applications) and arrange interviews

3) Conduct interviews with candidates

Ask about reasons for changing jobs and career orientation, and propose placemen ...