Computec Engineering, Ltd. /コンピューテック エンジニアリング株式会社 - ☆ Those who can speak Chinese and English! [Accounting / Office support office work] Educational support system, potential-oriented recruitment! !!


★ Through communication with Asian branch staff

You can acquire global skills!

[Business description]

◎ Accounting assistant for overseas branches such as China

◎ Sales office

◎ Invoice creation / sending

◎ Telephone visitor support

◎ Ordering in-house equipment

◎ Internal / external event planning, etc.

Focusing on accounting assistants at overseas branches

We will take care of ordering and invoice creation.

Inventory and equipment management, telephone response, customer support, etc.

You can also play an active part as a member of the office team!

Please see our website for the details of our business.

We look forward to your application.

<Application conditions>

☆ Age does not matter

♦ Junior college / professional graduate or above

♦ Those who are interested in or have experience in accounting work

♦ Those who are interested in IT

♦ Business-level Chinese / English / Japanese

♦ Basic operation of PC (Excel, Word, Outlook required)

★ If you would like to take advantage of the following strengths, please apply.

・ Chinese native level people are welcome.

・ Those with a TOEIC score of 800 or above

・ In an envir ...