Humble Bunny 株式会社 - 【Humble Bunny】Digital Marketing・Account Manager


We’re currently on the lookout for a highly organized and passionate DIGITAL MARKETER to come into Humble Bunny, blast out ideas, and help sculpt and refine our offering for the future.

To introduce ourselves, we’re Humble Bunny. We help inbound global brands adapt to the market and market for better traffic, conversion, and retention. We have a myriad of services, but focus primarily on web design, Ecommerce, SEO, and Paid Advertising.

Based in the heart of Tokyo, not only do we have a playful name, but also a playful spirit. Don’t let the pastel pink colors deceive you though, we’re here to work hard, create some amazing things for our Clients, and really push the boundaries of the marketing industry in Japan.

【Job Description】

In this role you would be responsible for presenting, executing and reporting on various marketing plans and strategies to our Clients, using mainly e-commerce, PPC, SEO, PR, CRO, content strategy, web design & development methods.

Clients range from major international brands to start-ups, and the industries we deal with range from BtoC apparel brands to BtoB real estate.

We have a very open environment where we freely share ...