English Teacher in Kansai Shiga


ABC ENGLISH is located in Hikone city and Nagahama city in shiga prefecture. 28 staffs are working at ABC ENGLISH. We have 9 international English teachers and 19 Japanese teachers.ABC teachers are from Philippines (5 teachers), America (3 teachers) and Saudi Arabia (1 teacher).There are two courses at ABC ENGLISH : 1 English conversation course (Eikaiwa) 2 Preschool / Kindergarten (認定こども園:Nintei Kodomoen) Preschool/kindergarten is registered in Hikone city and Shiga prefecture.◆We are looking for an English teacher for English conversation course (Eikaiwa).Classes range from one to six students. We have 6 kinds of classes. *Baby & Mom classes (0-2 years old)*Tod classes (3 years old)*Under grader classes (4-6 years old)*Elementary student's classes (7-12 years old)*Jr High school classes (13-15 years old)◆*Starting Date-Feb, Mar, April 2022 (negotiable)-Visa sponsorship available◆Full time.5 days / week (40hours/week)We have Tuesday-Saturday shift. 28 teaching hours/week (4~6 classes/day)◆Salary First year salary: ¥275,000 / monthPayment during the training period is ¥250,000 per month. The training, and taking over period usually for three months.◆An easy to use curriculum and training will be provided. A wide range of teaching supplies are also provided.(such as music CDs, books, games, flashcards, etc.). ◆ An apartment can be arranged for you. The company apartment's key money will be covered.◆ We have holidays the summer, winter and spring holidays. (Obon, Christmas and Golden Week). ◆ 10days paid days off. (Yukyu)We are looking forward to your application.Thank you.