Kids English Teacher in Kyoto starting from Feb/Mar 2022


Universal Campus, an English language school which is a part of the Kyoshin group – a large company which provides services such as nursery schooling, extra-curricular education and health care services – is looking for a new Full-Time Native English Teacher.================================================■Job description:Teaching our prepared curriculum to students at the school. Classes will include BB (Busy Body) course for students from 6 months to 6 years old, Kids classes for students aged from 6 to 12 years old, Teen courses for students aged between 13 and 18 and adult classes. You will teach up to a maximum of 8 classes a day to classes of 1 to 8 students. Approximately 80% of classes will be BB and Kids classes. Universal Campus provides a complete year syllabus complete with lesson plans and classroom materials – such as CDs, flashcards etc. When not teaching classes, teachers will be required to prepare for their lessons by familiarizing themselves with the lesson plan/syllabus, prepare crafts for BB classes or seasonal events, or prepare materials for other school events. ================================================■Start date: February or March 2022~■Working Location:Kitaoji School *From Subway Kyoto Sta.: approx. 14 min by train*From Subway Kitaoji Sta.: approx. 1 min walk ■Work days and time: Tuesday~Saturday.---12:45 - 21:00 on weekdays.--- 9:45 - 18:00 on Saturday. * Working hours are subject to change depending on schools.* Special events such as parties, summer camp, picnics, etc. occurring on Sundays will be working days, sometimes with different working hours.■Holidays:123 days off a year. * One week-long vacation several times throughout the year.■Monthly salary: JPY 250,000~280,000.* First year: JPY 250,000.* Second year: JPY 270,000.* Third year ~ : JPY 280,000.■Benefits:* All transportation fees reimbursed.* Visa sponsorship and renewal support available.* Social Insurance (Health Insurance /Japanese pension / workers insurance) provided.* Some moving expenses are covered if an employee meets some requirements.■We’re looking for people who:are active and enthusiastic to teach children English, have excellent communication skills, and an interest in Japanese culture and working with Japanese staff members.================================================Due to the large number of applications we receive, only potential candidates will be considered for interview.Applicants that pass the initial screening stage will be contacted directly by our recruiting section. Face to face interview at schools in Japan or interview via Skype.