CBRE K.K. - 【Office manager】Large foreign-affiliated client resident /Urgent Hiring / Experience Welcome


【job description】

Resident at the client's site, manage the team that comprehensively provides services as a facility / equipment management consultant that supports the customer's business, and as the person in charge of general affairs equipment management, ensure that the client is trusted efficiently and in a timely manner. It is a position to output excellent results.

[Business details]

・ Building relationships with clients

・ Personnel management of team members (recruitment education, evaluation)

・ Management of the following business deliverables and due dates

・ Facility management (electricity, water, air conditioner, facility management of the entire office)

・ Vendor management, contract management, ordering and invoice processing

・ Cost management, financial analysis, reporting to clients

・ Business improvement

*We have to ask all candidates to submit both Japanese resume and work experience (Shokumu keirekisho) when you apply this position.


・Person who has experience of general affairs and general affairs

・ Team management experience

・ Communication skills

・ Team management ability

・ Those who can create reports ...