Orchid-RV Co., Ltd. - [Resident in Thailand] Consulting job for Japanese market


[Business description]

・ Strategically search, market, and contact based on requests from clients, retroactively value clients to candidates, and provide comprehensive support until joining the company.

・ Implementation of consulting and career consulting for hiring customers and candidates

・ Disseminate ideas and information to make everyone's work easier and implement improvements

[Background for recruitment]

The organization that has just started is expected to hire 5 new employees.

The remaining 3 people will be hired.

* Two people joined the company on September 1, and both of them have no experience in the industry.

[Career path]

① You will be able to work with major clients by By Name instead of the company name.

(2) Obtain the latest information on each industry and improve your business sense and personal connections in an environment where you can interact with the top companies in each industry.

[Required requirements]

・ 5 years or more of sales, marketing or customer support experience

・ Those who can feel the value of their own growth

・ Those who like to achieve something together

[Welcome requirements]

・ Experience in the HR f ...