ADInteractive Inc. - [Skill up ☆ Recruiting 10 people as the business expands! 】System Engineer


[Business description]

◎ System development field

・ WEB system development (AI development)

・ Cloud system development

・ Control system software development

・ Embedded software development (IOT development)

・ Communication system development

◎ Responsible work

・ Basic design / functional design / detailed design

・ Manufacturing (coding)

・ Test (unit test / integration test / system test)

◎ Development method

・ Waterfall

・ Agile

[Background for recruitment]

Our company has many foreign engineers, but with the Japanese ability of our employees

The technological capabilities are highly evaluated, and the scale of development and development projects are expanding.

In the future, we are thinking of establishing a development base overseas and expanding the development system.

We are considering hiring 10 or more people to handle a large number of development projects.

[Attractive points]

・ Because we are developing various things, you can play an active part in the field you want to do.

・ We will support the acquisition of IT-related qualifications to improve skills.

【Work location】

Depending on the project

There is also ...