Casetify - CASETiFY new store opening!【Assistant Store Manager】The fastest growing global tech accessories brand


CASETiFY is looking for a deputy store manager to work with us!

From the preparation and start-up of the new store, we will entrust you with the store manager's duties such as sales management, staff recruitment, training, and management.

【Job Description】

・ Store management business

・ Staff recruitment and training (training, low pre)

・ Customer management

・ Sales management, sales report, etc.

・ Customer service sales

・ Accounting, wrapping

・ Stock management

・ DM creation



*Educational background is not required / Only experienced people are recruited!

・3 years or more of store management experience

・Those who are comfortable with English (because English materials and English words may be used in-house)

・Those who are sensitive to fashion trends are welcome!

・Those who can sympathize with the smartphone case as a part of lifestyle and fashion!

・Environment with speed! ...