Educational Content Creator


J PREP is seeking enthusiastic educators to join our full-time team as teachers and content creators to accommodate our rapidly growing student population and expanding course listings. In this role, the applicant will be responsible for a wide range of duties related to designing, creating, and teaching specialized courses and supporting the basic operations of JPREP. We are currently looking for someone who also has experience developing, implementing, and teaching English through academic subjects for elementary and junior high school students with high to native-level English proficiency.DescriptionJ PREP instructors teach students to develop their English abilities, critical thinking, and their academic skills. We also aim to help students improve their ability to effectively communicate in English and express their opinions using J PREP's original curriculum as well as external resources. We require both exceptional teaching skills and a firm understanding of educational principles to design new courses and improve existing ones. Members will be responsible for creating interactive and engaging content. As J PREP’s curriculum focuses on teaching language through content, we welcome applicants who also have interest and experience in academic fields outside of language education, such as literature, philosophy, science, or the social sciences.Successful candidates will have experience teaching young learners. Applicants must be native speakers of English or be able to demonstrate native-level proficiency. Japanese proficiency, although preferable, is not required.We give preference to candidates who:* have a passion for education* are comfortable multitasking* are proficient with Microsoft Office and have some experience with Adobe software* are team players with experience collaborating with others* are flexible enough to manage unexpected requests and changes* are able to maintain frequent contact with instructors and admin staff* are able to manage their own schedule* are detail-oriented and proactive* are capable of meeting tight deadlines* are comfortable with performing administrative duties as requiredAs J PREP believes that nurturing a love of learning is a crucial part of education, all our full-time employees teach classes, regardless of their position. We value candidates with great personalities who can engage and encourage our students.The salary will be paid monthly, and will be competitive depending on experience and background, including full social insurance package and benefits. Transportation costs will be fully reimbursed monthly.Successful candidates will be expected to work five days a week, a minimum of 163 hours per month, with the actual days and times of the week to be discussed during the interview. Working on at least one weekend day is mandatory.Visa support can be provided if necessary.J PREP offers a relaxed and positive work environment. We believe in hiring the best teachers, managers, and creative staff, treating them well, and compensating them fairly so we can maintain our high quality of instruction.To apply, please submit your resume/CV and a cover letter detailing your experience and interests relevant to this position. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for interviews.About J PREPJ PREP is a liberal arts afterschool program based in Shibuya, with offices in Shibuya, Jiyugaoka, Kichijoji, Yotsuya, and Yokohama in Tokyo as well as Sakata in Yamagata prefecture. J PREP was founded in 2012 by Jun Saito, a former assistant professor of political science at Yale University and the author of several bestselling books.Our students, ranging from the ages of 6 through 18, attend top schools in and around Tokyo. Many of our students aspire to study abroad during high school or university at top-ranked schools in the United States and other countries.Our faculty members are graduates of some of the top universities in the US and internationally, and many hold advanced degrees.J PREP is rapidly expanding. Our curriculum employs print, visual, and audio media to broaden students' perspectives, and supplemental courses in various disciplines such as literature, physics, and economics are offered periodically. Our long-term mission is to better the overall quality of the Japanese educational system from the bottom up, rather than merely teaching conversational English or preparing students for entrance exams in Japan. As a majority of our faculty members have lived outside Japan, they understand the importance of English as a communication tool. For the same reason, J PREP's work environment is not confined by traditional Japanese corporate culture.