CBRE SM Solutions K.K. - Open positon for new graguate in this Autumn & 2023【Facility management/Project management/Consultant/Marketing】


It is an open position adoption for autumn graduation and 23 graduates!

~ GWS job ~

What is the mission of Global Workplace Solutions (GWS)?

It is to provide a safe, attractive and highly functional space to improve the corporate value of our clients.

[Example of work content]

・ FM (Facility Management) is a job that supports various problem solving and environment creation so that our customers' employees can work efficiently, safely and comfortably.

You will be involved in general affairs and general affairs as a member of a team that is resident in a major foreign-affiliated client office and provides comprehensive services as a facility / equipment management consultant.

Business content:

• Office environment management (meeting room / office space patrol / organization)

• Facility-related company management (reception, cleaning, planting, beverages, multifunction devices, external warehouses, building management, confidential disposal, etc.)

• Facility / equipment management support

• Support for accounting, billing, etc.

• Support for projects such as office interiors and renovations

• Business improvement and review

*We have to ask all candi ...