English Language instructor


Welcome to Pacific Eikaiwa in Tokushima. We are a small English school that has been operating in Tokushima for the past 25 years. We teach a variety of students-young children, Jr. H.S., H.S., adults, vocational schools, universities, corporate, TOEFL, TOEIC, etc...-both in-house and at our client's premises. We have an excellent reputation and truly enjoy the work that we do. We are currently seeking one instructor to begin employment and training in the period starting from late July through late September. We have some flexibility with the starting date due the current situation with the Corona virus.The ideal candidate would be a person who wants to live in a city such as Tokushima(note: we were very little affected by the Corona virus during the past four months), has some experience teaching in Japan, and would like to work for a professional, yet friendly and down-to-earth language school. The position requires a commitment of one year(annual contract renewal), however, longer is better: our teachers usually average three-four years of employment. The weekly work schedule is Tuesday through Saturday, and generally, we begin teaching in the afternoon and work till 9:00 or10:00 at night. Each daily schedule varies, but overall, our work schedule offers a very good balance of work life and private life. Although each is different, our basic monthly schedule is very regular. We have 14 paid vacation days per year and observe all Japanese public holidays. Each year, we make a yearly calendar so it is very easy to plan and make effective use of "your time."We subsidise transportation costs from our school to client's premises, and provide the use of a company car, if necessary. Work related transportation time is rather limited.Other benefits and compensation are negotiable based on experience/work performance and seniority.If you are an energetic "people-person" who wants to expand your knowledge of teaching and work with a dynamic, friendly staff, we eagerly await your job inquiry. Please take a look at our website. We look forward to hearing from you. Have a great day and stay safe.