C2C Global Education Japan - [University staff (general staff)] Lead our corporation's future with us!


After comprehensively judging motivation, experience, abilities, qualifications, etc., you will be assigned to one of the departments / departments centered on the corporate headquarters or Yamanashi Gakuin University, and will be responsible for school management work.

[Candidate department for assignment (example)]

・ Management Strategy Office

·Human Resources Department

・ Education Department

・ ICLA office

・ Entrance Examination Center

・ Employment / Career Center

Instead of following the existing method, we aim to bring new methods and values that have been successful in the business world to the field of university management and create a new place for students to learn better.

We are also looking for staff from the Faculty of International Liberal Arts (commonly known as iCLA) who will work on daily tasks in English.

We are waiting for applications from those who want to challenge a wide range of jobs such as school staff, and those who want to work by making use of their international experience.

<Application conditions>

☆ Regardless of age or nationality


☆ Japanese ability above business level

* Japanese Language Pr ...