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トランスパーフェクト東京オフィスにて Project Assistant を募集しております。

翻訳プロジェクトを管理するProject Managerのサポートをするポジションです。将来的には、Project Coordinator, Project Managerとキャリアアップを目指します。


Position Summary:

The position of Project Assistant is a key player at TransPerfect. This position reports into the Production Department Manager.

Position responsibilities:

- Complete administrative tasks including project set-ups, creating purchase orders, creating and tracking schedules for individual projects and department.

- Organizing documents; scanning hard copies on to the network; printing files for big jobs

- Formatting using .doc, .PDF, and .xls files; importing images from PDF files to Word document, etc.

- Billing; contacting linguists to resolve issues such as invoice/word count discrepancies; data entry

- Aid Project Managers in daily tasks as needed

- With the guidance of a Project Manager, manage simple projects: Placing jobs ...